Create Good Vibrations



Although these words of inspiration came in to existence long ago, (it’s always so amazing what can come from a walk in the woods!), it is now time to let them be on their own. MORE THAN THIS I AM™ is for YOU. It’s calling your attention to the You of You: To your Authentic Self… your Higher Power… God... The Source… Great Spirit... your Inner Being. Whatever resonates for you, it is inspiring you to re-connect with yourself and Who You Really Are, which is pretty amazing!!

Essentially, it’s a reminder that WE ARE MORE THAN: Our past, our pain, our suffering, our stories. Our conditions, circumstances, afflictions and illnesses. Our roles, identities, labels, genders, appearances and positions. Our moods, feelings, attitudes, perspectives, thoughts and beliefs. It is something to catch our attention, like a bell ringing, to remind us to pause, breathe, and to take a step back from whatever, wherever and whoever we feel like we are not in alignment with. From that broader perspective, we can redirect our thoughts to allow a moment to connect with our ever-expanding Inner Being. This is the place where we feel grounded, clear, calm and open. This is the space when we are reminded: "There is some part of me that is Not this." It is where the feelings of well-being abound!

It’s also a reminder to see others in the same light. They are more too! As we remember this about ourselves, that vibration will naturally extend to the world around us and begin a new feeling of appreciation for the people in our lives.


We invite you to pause here. Take in a nice easy breath and think about what you just read. When you're ready, please enjoy exploring the site for more reflections about More Than This I AM.™