Create Good Vibrations

About the Author

I’ve always enjoyed contemplating life. It probably started as an attempt to feel more grounded while dealing with challenging times. My thoughts were mine and regardless of what was going on around me, somehow being mindful of my inner world and how I felt remained essential for my wellbeing. I remember seeing a bumper sticker in my early 20’s that read: “Minds are like parachutes. They only work when they are open!” Having an open mind while observing life, be it the mundane or the mystical, is simply who I am.

My unrelenting desire to grow and evolve has been a steadfast companion. I believe there is so much more to life than what meets the eye. My yearning to learn more, do more, see more and be more has undoubtedly been the driving force behind most of my choices in life, both professionally and personally. 

As a clinical therapist, I sought new and improved ways to guide, support and encourage the people I was working with. My formal academic training includes a BA in Psychology, with a minor in Philosophy, and a Masters in Social Work. Additionally, I have studied various healing methods (Shiatsu, Reiki, Energy Medicine, Interfaith Ministry) to further satiate my own needs as well as to offer different approaches to help support the well-being of others. I have also been an avid reader, attended countless workshops & retreats and traveled internationally. I have drawn on these experiences and countless everyday moments to not only illuminate my own understanding of life and wellness but also to share it with others. 

Many years ago I was reaching for something that would serve as, well, kind of a magic wand that could empower and inspire others to remember they can turn their "light switch" back on. I’ve held the opinion, for most of my life, that we are so much more than we think. As a child I realized that life was alive with endless possibilities and this belief matured into a certainty that there are always things we can think and do to improve our lives and how we feel. I’m not saying I always knew HOW to make things better but I always BELIEVED they could be better. 

Nature has always captivated my attention. The beauty, mystery and awe of our natural world nourishes my soul. I simply cannot imagine life without this connection. This is one of the primary ways I gain clarity and insight, not to mention a good physical work out! About 12 years ago, while walking in the woods, these 5 words of inspiration came to me:

More Than This I AM
And I thought: "Absolutely!... Yes!...We are more...I am more!

I am more than my suffering, my circumstances, my perceived limitations, my moods, my feelings, etc. This was an incredibly uplifting and empowering moment. These were the words that expressed the essence of how I felt about myself and about people in general. During sessions, my focal point was on the person sitting before me. The person, whose inner light was often dimmed by the challenges of various conditions and circumstances, needed to remember that she was More. 

As a therapist, I have worked with a wide variety of issues: mental illness, addiction, criminal behavior, HIV/AIDS, trauma & abuse and dementia. If I focused only on the "label", I would have done far more harm than good. On some level I think I had already known the essence of what these words meant and perhaps, without words, radiated that energy to others. This is true in my personal life as well. There have been many moments, but 3 in particular stand out. Each of those extraordinary moments had to do with deeply connecting with the essence of the person, rather than focusing on the unpleasant physical manifestations of the dying process. Outside conditions mattered not. Joining with their pure, positive, beautiful spirits and resting in that timeless place of loves expanse, were ineffable moments that remain forever with me.


More Than This I Am™  Over time, the value and meaning of these inspiring words have not only gained momentum but, just like an established tree, the roots have run deep and wide, nourishing my life's journey. 


If some day you find yourself feeling the encouraging energy of these words, if they some how touch your life in a pleasing and uplifting way, then my heart smiles for you now.