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More Than This I AM™ is an invitation for us to transcend anything that limits our well-being. By shifting our attention inward, we can begin to see and feel things differently. From this broader perspective, we can deepen our level of appreciation for the good that already is and awaken enthusiasm for enjoying life more fully. When we are aligned, we are uplifted and capable of so much more: More energy, creativity, kindness, love, fun and freedom. Freedom to be Who We Really Are. This infinite reservoir is always with us and awaits our connection and attention to steward us into the beautiful, healthy, and abundant lives we desire! 

By using More Than This I AM™ as a path to align within, we can gain clarity, inspiration and momentum to move in a direction that is more joyful and fulfilling. Getting in touch with what really matters and Who We Really Are usually comes from this place of alignment.  During these moments we are reminded that the only thing we have true control over is our selves and that is very empowering. Life is about inner success…it really is an inside job! If we spent even half the amount of time tending to our insides then we do on our outsides, we'd all be amazed at the shift!

We have been well groomed to put an enormous amount of effort into all the external variables of our lives; however, it doesn't always lead to the joyful, free and fulfilling lives we seek. If we were to use that energy, that focus, to go inward, it is quite possible we would understand that we really are more alike than different and that the differences that do exist, would be celebrated and enjoyed with greater enthusiasm.

For some people, there is the recognition that we are more than how we are acting in any given moment and that we can change things by connecting with our greater human potential. For others, there is the recognition that we are one human family but we are more than our physical selves. More Than This I AM™ is a reminder, for some, that we are actually spiritual beings having a human experience rather than the other way around. 

What we focus upon, what we think about, matters. When we feel stuck or stagnant, it doesn’t feel good. And, we really ARE meant to enjoy life and feel good! We’re wired to keep moving. This inherent desire to grow encourages us to keep exploring and discovering, sifting and sorting in order to discern what feels good. The better we feel, the more we enhance & uplift each other! 

Ultimately, each person will feel what More Than This I AM™ means to him or her and that’s truly the fun part! That variety is the creative and joyful process of it’s unfolding. Allowing this vibration to be free flowing and reach people in their own way creates the best opportunity for it’s greatest good. 

Life Is a Great Adventure…
We are here to create an authentic life with the joyful purpose of
discovering Who We Really Are.
Be in the present moment and focus on what truly makes you feel good. Pay attention to your thoughts. Inhabit your inherent worthiness. Go easy. Find your own rhythm. Be kind. Have fun. Use your imagination. Enjoy the unfolding of it all! 


More Than This I AM™